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bookMr. and Mrs. LeBlanc are thrilled with their little baby Marie. When she first starts making sounds, they anxiously wonder whether her first word will be “Mama” or “Papa.” Imagine their surprise when, one day, Marie blurts out something quite unexpected: “Le Croissant.” Startled, the parents think they’ve just imagined it.


Then, Marie continues to utter a list of delicious French foods with a flawless accent! Her parents suspect something might be wrong with their culinary-obsessed little girl. She’s only happy when shouting about food, but, as her grandfather observes, at least Marie seems to have excellent taste. The parents finally break down and consult a doctor about their daughter’s unusual vocabulary.


At first, Marie calls the doctor “un homard,” or lobster, but once he understands Marie’s plight, he decides to do his best to help. After the examination, though, he finds there’s nothing wrong with Marie. What does he suggest to remedy her food fixation?


A book filled with laughs and love, Marie Is Talking also teaches French words and shows how families work together.


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